When they say "It takes a village...", they must have been talking about swim meets! 

Fun and full of friendly competition, a successful swim meet requires the help of parent volunteers.

Job Descriptions

Clerk of Course: Needed for both home and away meets. The Clerk of Course helps get the swimmers lined up for their events. Clerk of Course calls out the swimmers names, passes out deck cards and arranges the swimmers into heats. This job can be done in shifts and is done with a parent from the other team. 

Head Timer: Needed for home meets. A head timer carries the extra watches in case a lane has a problem with a watch. The Head timer starts their watches when the starter horn sounds and looks out at the timers for a raised hand. A timer that raises their hand has a watch failure. The head timer will switch watches with the lane timer. 

Timers: Needed for both home and away meets. Lots of timers are required to run a meet. Timers stand on the deck and run an app on their personal iphone. No need to write down times. At the conclusion of each race, timer will enter the swimmer ID and send times. Swimmer times will upload to the scoring system.

Finish Judge: Needed for both home and away meets. This job entails working with a judge from the other team. The pair will sit together at the finish line and record the order of finish on the recording pad. One member will call out the order of finish while the other member will write down the order that was called. Two people are needed from each team for both halves.