Gardner Acres Swim Club Rules and Regulations


1- No tobacco products on premises
2- No alcoholic beverages allowed on premises
3- No bottles or glass containers allowed on premises
4- No animals allowed on premises
5- No running, pushing, or horseplay on the premises
6- No skateboards, bikes, scooters, Heelys or similar vehicles allowed inside the pool or tennis areas.
7- No play equipment (rubber balls, squirt guns, etc.) allowed in the big pool
8- No diving except in designated areas
9- No back dives, no back flips, and no gainers; any other unsafe diving will be prohibited at the discretion of management
10- No diving off the side of the diving board
11- Only one (1) diver on the board at a time
12- No more than one bounce on the board
13- Make sure the area is clear before diving
14- No playing or congregating around ladders
15- No one under 10 years of age is permitted on the high diving board
16- Only members and guests who can swim are allowed in the deep end, testing may be required
17- Do not play on the ropes
18- Children under the age of 10 admitted only when accompanied by a responsible member age 16 or older
19- During break, only members 18 or older can be in the big pool and children two (2) years or younger held by an adult 18 years or older
20- Only non-swimming children allowed in the baby pool; children must be supervised by a responsible adult
21- Children in diapers must have on approved swimming diapers
22- Personal belongings are the member’s responsibility, please store in a neat manner
23- Enforcement of the above rules and regulations are at the discretion of the pool manager
We do anticipate all members will abide by these rules, if not the following applies:
-The person who violates these rules for the first (1st) time will be given a verbal warning.
-The second (2nd) violation will result in being asked to leave the pool premises.
-The third (3rd) violation will result in being asked not to come to the pool for a week.
-The fourth (4th) violation could result in withdrawal of membership privileges for the summer. A special meeting of the Board of Directors would be called to make this decision on the fourth (4th) violation.