By joining Gardner Acres Swim Club, not only do you become a member but you also become  a stakeholder in the best swim club in town. Gardner Acres is owned by the members.

Gardner Acres Swim Club is a private nonprofit swim and tennis club.
Membership applications:
-Subject to approval by the Board of Directors and must include a $35 application fee.

-Initial membership fee- $500 (this is a one time fee and due when issued a membership)

- Membership Dues- $500 or

- New member dues- $50 (1st year only)

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for the membership application.

Please return the application to the membership chairperson displayed on the application. There are a limited number of memberships available. Once these are filled, approved applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

Selling A Membership:

-In order to sell a membership, please send notification in writing to the board and mail this along with the membership certificate to the post office box. The membership deposit money will be refunded upon full membership, the approval of a replacement member and the receipt of their membership fees. Refund amount is based upon the year of joining, less any outstanding fees. 

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